We have almost come to the end of our project – An Indoor Navigation System using OpenCV on BeagleBoard-xM. It has been a wonderful five months over which we have seen many ups and downs.

Following are the videos of the practical trials of our system – the first has the camera stationary and the marker mounted on a moving vehicle. The second video has the camera mounted on the vehicle and the marker stationary. Please note, the second video shows the implementation of our code on a laptop instead of a BeagleBoard-xM because we did not have a power source on-board (and we were too lazy to arrange for a long power extension cord). But. the code is the same – I promise!

You can also see these videos on Youtube to comment, like and go through the descriptions.

Also, I have a video of our very first pre-practical trial coming up. I like to call it Practical Trial Zero 🙂.

Watch out!